miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Spring Garden, Tutoriel d'introduction à Spring IoC et AOP

En attendant la sortie de Spring 3 en version finale, j'ai écrit un tutoriel d'introduction aux modules IoC et AOP du framework.

J'ai essayé d'utiliser un exemple ludique qui, je l'espère, aidera les nouveaux venus à découvrir l'écosystème Spring et amusera les autres.

En résumé, on codera un jardin de printemps (pour essayer de nous souvenir du soleil), avec des parcelles, des plantes et un jardinier qui en prend soin. Mais tout n'est pas rose (ou vert), une mauvaise herbe rode dans le jardin et elle est affamée...

Nous utilisons dans le tutoriel:
Java 6, Spring 3, AspectJ et une construction aven Maven 2.

Bon jardinage!

English note: This tutorial is an introduction to the IoC and the AOP modules of the Spring framework. We simulate a spring garden with plants and a gardener that takes care of them. But there is a problem, an evil weed is staling all the nutrients.

The main used technologies are Java 6, Spring 3, AspectJ and Maven 2.

The tutorial is in french but is easily understandable because the code is self explaining, take a look... you can even learn your first french words :)

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Agile Tour 2009

In the last few years Agile software development methodologies are starting to be used in some small and big enterprises. However, there still a minority and the others still using and abusing of the tradicional waterfall. It is true that some agile practices may seem weird or not too serius (poker game), even too expensive (pair programming). But we have to accept the sad reality: many waterfall projects never conclude or do not satisfies the client needs. It's obvius that something is going wrong. Perhaps the client do not define well what he want, or it can be that developpers don't do always the right technical decision... It seems that "classical" methodologies are too rigid for humans.

The Agile Tour is a series of events around the world (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, USA and Canada). This year, the Agile Tour 2009, will visit 18 cities through October.
Many experts uses presentations and workshops to share their vision and experience with the agility.

Today took place the first event in Rennes, France. The IFSIC Institute of the Rennes 1 university was the host and more than 200 professionals attended. EXtreme Programming, Scrum or even Post-It were the most pronounced words in no less than 4 tracks with 4 presentations or workshops each that introduced managers, developers and students to the agile way of work. In a few days, the slides will be online.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Becoming a SCWCD

A few days ago I passed the Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java platform exam.
I started studying in november 2008 with a book I will present in this post.

For the SCJP 5 exam I used many books but for the SCWCD exam I use just one (plus some exercises on the web). The fabulous book I used to score 94% in the exam is O'Reilly's Head First Servlets and JSP 2nd edition.

This book has everything you need: It explains clearly the coverage of the exam, uses a logical chapters order for a better understanding, it isn't boring at all with an extensive use of pictures and contains for each chapter a bullet points review.
It have one mock exam for each chapter that covers what you learned in that chapter and a final mock exam that covers all the topics of the exam.