jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Becoming a SCWCD

A few days ago I passed the Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java platform exam.
I started studying in november 2008 with a book I will present in this post.

For the SCJP 5 exam I used many books but for the SCWCD exam I use just one (plus some exercises on the web). The fabulous book I used to score 94% in the exam is O'Reilly's Head First Servlets and JSP 2nd edition.

This book has everything you need: It explains clearly the coverage of the exam, uses a logical chapters order for a better understanding, it isn't boring at all with an extensive use of pictures and contains for each chapter a bullet points review.
It have one mock exam for each chapter that covers what you learned in that chapter and a final mock exam that covers all the topics of the exam.

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bugz dijo...

Hi, Congradualtion for your achievement. I did SCMAD, like to do SCWCD. Do u have this ebook?
Another thing, Like to add "Tags List" like in your one to my blog,
can u tell me how u did it ?

Matías Emiliano Alvarez Durán dijo...

Hace unos días creé un nuevo blog enfocado al desarrollo en general pero más que nada a la plataforma Java (J2EE más que nada, JavaFX, JavaSE, etc.). OnJ2EE es el nombre de este blog, pero como ya comenté, este no se limita solo a esta plataforma. Entre los temas tratados en el blog, comienzo con la certificación SCWCD que es para lo que me estoy preparando actualmente.
En la página principal del grupo podrán encontrar los feeds del blog OnJ2EE.
Saludos y espero que les guste.
Cualquier aporte será bienvenido.